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Nurielle Stern

Nurielle Stern

The Bone Runners Nuit Blanche 2015


Nurielle Stern

Nurielle Stern


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The Bone Runners, Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Independent Projects, Solo Show, The Gardiner Museum, Toronto. October, 2015.

Interactive installation with video projection, glazed porcelain, cast paper, wood, and lights.

Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Independent Projects

A mysterious winterscape emerges where the distant past and future intertwine.

An archaeological find of Stone Age ice skates made of bone and animal skin inspired the multiple hand-made objects in this installation.

Evocative of movement, migration and the glacial passing of eons, The Bone Runners inhabits an anachronistic space where history and myth merge, and fleeting impressions of light and darkness are reshaped into our cultural memories. Visitors are invited to take one of 3,000 porcelain spear points or hand axes as a tactile reminder of the experience.

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The artist would like to acknowledge the generous support of...

Jason Wong & Angela Jerath, Comission Sponsors

The Pottery Supply House,

and The Ontario Arts Council.