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artist bio  

Nurielle Stern creates sculptural ceramic objects and immersive installations that combine ceramics and video projection.

Her pieces are saturated with texture and vibrant glazes giving them a hyper-real quality.

In her work, Nurielle makes tangible a fictional world of her own imagining creating things at once strange and familiar.

Ceramic, inert and opaque, has a transubstantiative  ability to mirror the thrumming life-like quality of things. Worked by human hands, it appears to retain some of their liveliness. Through my work, I navigate the malleability of language, the role of craftsman as storyteller, and the dialectics of inside and outside—the tamed and the wilderness.   

Nurielle Stern is an emerging artist and a graduate of Alfred University’s renowned MFA program in Ceramic Art (New York, USA). Stern has exhibited at the Gardiner Museum in 2013 and her interactive and immersive installation, The Bone Runners, was presented by the Gardiner Museum as a Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Independent Project in 2015.

Stern's upcoming exhibitions in 2019 include two commissioned works for the Gardiner Museum, a collaborative exhibition at the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery (with Nicholas Crombach), and a solo exhibition at the Ottawa School of Art Orléans Gallery. She has recently been recognized for her achievements with the 2018 Craft Ontario Volunteer Committee Emerging Artist Award.



curriculum vitae


2012-2014   New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University: Master of Fine
Arts in Ceramic Art.
2009-2012   Sheridan Institute of Technology: School of Craft & Design. Major:
2003-2007   Ontario College of Art & Design University, Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. Major: Sculpture & Installation.
2005-2006   OCAD Florence Program. Florence, Italy.

Solo and Collaborative Exhibitions

2019  Upcoming. Gardiner Museum, Toronto. Commissioned sculpture in response to Ai
WeiWei: Unbroken. Feb-April.
2019  Upcoming. Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, Waterloo. Whale Fall. 2019.
Collaborative exhibition with Nicholas Crombach.
2019  Upcoming. Gardiner Museum. Commissioned installation for new Joan Courtois Stairwell Gallery.
2019  Upcoming. Ottawa School of Art Orléans Gallery, Ottawa, ON. This Sublunary World.
September - October.
2015   Gardiner Museum. Toronto, Ontario. "The Bone Runners": A Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Independent Project. October 3 - 4.
2014   Cohen Center for the Arts Gallery. Alfred, NY. "Liquid & Bone": MFA Thesis
Exhibition. August 23 - 26.
2013   Gardiner Museum. Toronto, Ontario. “Eyes of Metal and Agate”: Gardiner
Museum Sheridan Prize Winner. November 14 – January 5, 2014.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018Steuben Gallery, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY. In Between the Lines.
Invitational. November 30-December 16.
2018Harbourfront Centre, Toronto. Sculpting New Reads. Invitational. September 21-23.
2017Gardiner Museum, Toronto, ON. "The Brain Project: The Pith & Nectar".
Commissioned by the Telus Health Brain Project and the Gardiner Museum.
July 11- August 31.
2017Sheridan Gallery, “First/50”. Invitational Alumni Exhibition. April 29-May 12.
2016Art Gallery of Burlington, Burlington, ON. "Materialize":
Craft Ontario juried show. September 23- November 28.
2016John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto. "Craft Ontario 40th Anniversary Craft
Awards Exhibition". July 26- August 19.
2016Hoop Gallery, Hamilton. “Revival”. April 23 - June 3.
2015 Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto. “15th Annual Emerging Sculptors Exhibition”. Juried exhibition. August 13 - September 2.
2015 Harbourfront Centre. Toronto, Ontario. "Every So Often": Curated by Melanie Egan and Patrick Macaulay. January 24 - June 14.
2013 The Belfry. Hornell, New York. “Terra Firma: Class of 2014 Alfred Ceramics Grad Students”. September 20 – October 25.
2013 NCECA Conference, 2013. Heritage Plaza Lobby Gallery. Houston, Texas.
“NCECA Energy of the Future”: Juried show. March 19 - March 22.
2013 Aurora Cultural Centre. Aurora, Ontario. “Fireworks 2011”: FUSION Juried show. February 8 - April 6.
2013 Burlington Arts Centre. Burlington, Ontario. “Fireworks 2011”: FUSION Juried show. May 30.
2012 MADE Cooler. Toronto, Ontario. "Half a Dozen": July 28- August 25.
2012 Canadian Sculpture Centre. Toronto, Ontario. “17th Annual Juried Graduating
Sculpture Student Exhibition”: Sculptors Society of Canada. June 7 – July 13.
2012 Rail’s End Gallery. Halliburton, Ontario. “Fireworks 2011”: FUSION Juried show. August 11- October 15.
2012 Craft Ontario Gallery and Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts. Toronto,
Ontario. “Here & (T)here”: Sheridan Craft & Design Graduate Exhibition.
April 11 – 22.
2012 Gardiner Museum. Toronto, Ontario. “Sheridan College Graduate Show”.
March 22- April 1.
2012 Sheridan Gallery. Oakville, Ontario. “Together in Clay”. February 3- 17.
2012 Interior Design Show: Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Toronto, Ontario.
Sheridan Craft & Design Booth. January 26-29.
2011 Labspace Studio. Toronto, Ontario. “In Memory: Something that Happens
after then, and before now”. August 19-24.
2011 Art Gallery of Mississauga. Mississauga, Ontario. “Fireworks 2011”:  FUSION
Juried show. September 15 to November 6.
2011 Craft Ontario Gallery. Toronto, Ontario. “Fireworks 2011”: FUSION Juried
show. May 12-29.
2009 Edward Day Gallery and Kiwi Gardens. Perth, Ontario. 2009 Kiwi Sculpture
Garden Project. May-September.

Grants and Awards

2018Craft Ontario Volunteer Committee Emerging Artist Award.
2017Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, Pat Doran Funded Residency Endowment Scholarship.
2016Tuckers Pottery Supplies Ltd. Clay Supply Grant, Craft Ontario. Toronto, Ontario.
2015Volunteer Committee Award, Craft Ontario. Toronto, Ontario.
2015Exhibition Assistance Grant, Ontario Arts Council. Toronto, Ontario.
2015Honourable Mention Ceramics, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. Toronto, Ontario.
2012-2014 Graduate Fellowship, New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred
University. New York, USA.
2012 Abraham & Malka Green Award. The Sculptors Society of Canada,
Canadian Sculpture Centre, Toronto, Ontario.
2012 Clifford Scholarship. Sheridan Crafts and Design. Toronto, Ontario.
2012 Gardiner Museum Award, Gardiner Museum. Toronto, Ontario.
2011 Silent Night Award, Sheridan Crafts and Design. Oakville, Ontario.
2011   Work Study Award, Peter’s Valley Craft Center. New Jersey, USA.
2010 Silent Night Award, Sheridan Crafts and Design. Oakville, Ontario.
2009-2011 Poetry Projections III: Short Film Production Grant, LIFT. Toronto, Ontario.
2008 2nd Place, Best in Show. TSA Washi Exhibition. Toronto, Ontario.
2008 Papermakers’ Choice Award.  TSA Washi Exhibition. Toronto, Ontario.
2007 Honourable Mention, OCAD Graduating Sculpture & Installation Award.
Toronto, Ontario.
2005 Martin Kastner Memorial Award: OCAD Sculpture & Installation. Toronto, Ontario.

Artist Residencies
2017    Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts Summer Residency: Invited artist (AIA). Maine.
2014-2015    Artist in Residence, Harbourfront Centre. Toronto, Ontario.
2008 R. Murray Schafer’s “Asterion”: Artist Residency. Peterborough, Ontario.


2014         Alexander, Marissa, “Nurielle Stern: Eyes of Metal and Agate,”
                             Fusion: A Magazine for Clay & Glass Vol. 38 No. 1 (Winter
                             2014): 22-24.
2013         Gotlieb, Rachel, “Discover the Work of Nurielle Stern.” Gardiner
                             Museum Members’ Enews (December 2013).


2019         Upcoming. Contribution to Ai Weiwei: Unbroken publication, Gardiner Museum,

2018         McKenzie, Mary and Stern, Nurielle, “Developing Ideas Through Making: A
                             Workshop with Anton Reijnders,” Studio: Craft and Design in Canada Vol.
                             13 No. 1 (Spring/Summer 2018).

2018 Guest Artist (mid & end of semester critiques). Ceramics Department, Sheridan
College Craft & Design Oakville, ON.
2016 Faculty, Ceramics Certificate Program. Haliburton School of Art & Design,
Fleming College. Haliburton, ON.
2012- 2013 Teaching Assistant. NYSCC at Alfred University. Alfred, NY.

Related Experience
2018 Artist Talk. Sheridan College Ceramics, Oakville, ON.
2017 Artist Talk. Gardiner Museum, Toronto.
2017 Sunday Scene Lecture. The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto.
2016 Artist Talk. Toronto Potters. MNJCC, Toronto.
2015 Artist Talk. Craft Ontario Volunteer Committee. Craft Ontario, Toronto.
2014 Performer. Clare Twomey's "Piece by Piece". Gardiner Museum, Toronto.
2014 Assistant to Janine Antoni. Alfred University. Alfred, NY.

Public and Private Collections
Schein-Joseph International Museum of Art at Alfred University, Gloryhole Collection.
Emil Shult, Düsseldorf, Germany.







Historic Distillery District
Artscape Case Goods Warehouse
15 Case Goods Lane, Studio 402

Toronto, Ontario


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